WordPress Security

As a WordPress webmaster and developer, we offer a one-time WordPress Security Lockdown package to clients with hosting account access. 

Security Pack

$ 149
  • 6 hours of fixes
  • Update Core and Plugins
  • Configure Security Plugins
  • Install and Configure Files & Database

Package includes

  • 6 Hours Of Fixes
  • Update WordPress Core & Plugins.
  • Install & Configure Security Plugins.
  • Install & Configure Backup for Website Files & Database.
  • Change Insecure Website Administrator Logins.
  • Scan Website For Known Hacks.


  • WordPress Administrator Access (website login credentials)
  • FTP Access (Host, Username, Password)
  • Hosting / Database Access (Username & Password)


With our WordPress Security Lockdown Package, you can take away the burden of repeated hacks by “locking down” your website so you can focus on your business. We will ensure that your site is not vulnerable to common website hacks, your site is updated, your plugins are updated, your site is being backed up daily locally and remotely, and is scanned daily for known vulnerabilities.

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