Is your website ready for the next 12 months?

If you want your online presence to grow, an optimised, secure and up to date website is critical.

Here is your personalised website action plan for the next 12 months, together with our five major recommendations for your business (with costs):

Recommendation #1: Get updated with the latest version of PHP

Reason: Avoiding out-of-date versions of PHP will future-proof your website in terms of providing critical website support.

Starting - $50
Recommendation #2: Speed optimisation

Reason: To get ranked by Google a fast loading website is essential. We will optimise your website speed and optimise your website images.

Starting: $30
Recommendation #3: Upgrade your site security

Reason: Site security is essential. We will prioritise 2 critical upgrades for your website: ensuring your SSL certificates are up to date, and installing an important security plugin called Wordfence.

Starting: $30
Recommendation #4: Updated website design

Reason: Keep your website looking fresh and modern by using our updated themes and designs. We’ll give your website the uplift it needs.

Starting: $500
Recommendation #5: eCommerce functionality

Reason: Give your customers a seamless, high-converting buying experience with the latest eCommerce features for your website.

Starting: $500
Next steps:

Get in touch with us today to talk through this action plan with us. We can put together a custom quote and start work on your upgrade right away.

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